I Will Make My Boast in Jesus

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.
— Galatians 6:14

I will make my boast in Jesus,
The Lamb of Calvary.
By His death I now am ransomed;
Once a pris’ner, now set free.
I will make my boast in Jesus,
In robes of righteousness.
Sin committed, now forgotten;
I’m an heir with Christ by grace!

I will boast in Christ my King!
Of His sov’reign grace I’ll sing!
Tell of love’s great sacrifice; 
Live a life that points to Christ!

I will make my boast in Jesus,
Not in works that I have done.
By His grace and by His Spirit,
He is changing me through love.
I will make my boast in Jesus,
Who reigns as Heaven’s King.
When He calls me home to glory,
His eternal praise I’ll sing!

Words and Music by James Harris and Paul Keew
© 2009 Watchsong. All rights reserved.




James Harris is a good friend and a prolific lyric writer. I loved how this text picked up on the oft-used Scriptural concept of boasting in the Lord. The tune we wrote matches the joyful confidence that we have in him!

Textual Notes from James: The inspiration for this song came through the understanding that God deserves all our boasting, all our praise, all our humble service for what He has done to shower us with grace. As believers, we cannot take merit for our salvation. Rather, all our boasting, all our adoration, and all our worship should be to Christ our Sovereign King who has made us His own.




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